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Redefining Underwater IRM Technology

With our specialized and fully in-house developed technology, we deliver environmentally friendly underwater hull cleaning, inspection and propeller polishing services – compliant with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Marine Environment Protection Committee’s (MEPC) Guidelines – for biofouling control and management.

Our Services

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Our currently diver-operated cleaning technology enables us to offer the full scope of underwater hull cleaning including the hull’s vertical sides, flat bottom, curved and niche areas of any type and size of vessel. All cleaning units are designed to effectively remove all kinds of marine fouling without damaging the hull’s expensive coatings.

Propeller Cleaning & Polishing

The condition of the ship’s propeller is of utmost importance for the vessel’s fuel consumption performance and therefore regular cleaning and polishing is strongly advised. Our custom-built ‘Eco Propeller Polisher’ delivers optimal cleaning results and it’s even connected to our surface debris collection and filtration system, ensuring that the debris such as barnacles are efficiently prevented from entering the sea.

Underwater Inspections

Besides our above cleaning activities, we also offer all other underwater inspection types such as general hull condition and propeller blade inspections. These are either conducted by our professional and well-trained dive teams or innovative ROV inspections drones.

Biofouling Management Certification

Increasing regulations from IMO, port authorities and government environmental agencies require proper documentation and retention of vessels’ biofouling management where non-compliance may come with hefty fines for the owner. We therefore assist the vessel with their biofouling management record book and provide certification for inspection findings and remedial actions which comply with regulations and ensure compliance during port state control inspections.

Our Technology Toolbox

Cost Effective. Zero Damage to Hull Coating. Debris Collection, Filtration & Waste Management. 

Our technological setup comprises a series of different cleaning units for the hull’s specific areas. These are equipped with pumps, hoses and umbilical cords that collect and deliver the marine fouling debris directly to the surface filtration unit. Here, the debris passes through a number of filters and the cleaned water is then released back to the sea. The entire setup is containerized and highly mobile. 

biofouling management, ship technology, underwater inspection, Diving innovations, hull cleaner underwater, rov, propeller cleaning, marine technology, propeller polishing, rov, marine tech, techullclean, undewater hull cleaning spain, underwater hull cleaning singapore
Cleaning Units

Different shaped and sized cleaning units to tackle flat and curved surfaces of any vessels

Filtration system

A containerized three tier debris collection, filtration and removal system can remove micro, macro algae and biocides.

Winch handling system

Custom-built winch handling system that ensures improved umbilical flow and reduces handling weight to minimize risk to personnel

Hydraulic System

Operated by bio-oils, further increasing the environmental friendly efforts

The Details

Our cleaning units work against flat or curved niches and surfaces. Our hull cleaning unit has an innovative central wheel design and suspension system that allows for the cleaning of curved areas like bulbous bows.

The hull cleaner is equipped with a special hydraulic suspension system that controls the pressure of the brushes or water-jets against the hull. Our units also include a tool retraction system that minimizes contact with the surface when the unit stops while the closed vacuum system created by the optimized flow of water, disk rotation and air injection ensures a minimal water outflow while in operation.

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Eco Wing

15 June 2019

Eco Propeller Polisher

Our debris collection and filtration system prevents alien invasive species, marine fouling and chemical pollutants from remaining in the sea after an underwater hull and propeller cleaning operation. The filtration unit comprises pumps, filter boxes and micron filters for a complete surface treatment setup. The metal filter boxes remove the large pieces of debris while the micron filters purify the rest.

Different sizes of micron filters allows us to meet the demands of different environmental regulations. With three-tier levels of filtration, we can filter down to a possible 5 microns against the current operating normal of 25 microns. At a single time, our systems can collect upto 290 kg of fouling – far exceeding existing norms.

The highly customized winches and the umbilical cords are the nerve system connecting the cleaning units and the filtration systems.

The umbilical cord collects and delivers fouling debris to the surface from the cleaning units. A surface handling winch for the unit’s umbilical cord works with an air injection for added buoyancy – increasing safety levels and lowering operational fatigue for our divers and personnel.

The winch handling units and the power packs are containerized and light weight requiring only a vessel with 200 kg lifting capacity for deployment.

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