We are a marine technology company

pushing the boundaries of innovation

driven by the deep belief that

we need to do right – by our industry and our seas

As underwater engineers and divers with nearly 40 years of experience, we are deeply aware of the problems caused by alien invasive species and other forms of marine environmental damage when ships’ hulls are cleaned and propellers polished. Equally, we are aware of the central role that underwater hull inspection, cleaning and maintenance occupies in ensuring a ship’s operational efficiency.

Faced with a situation where ports around the world were ceasing hull cleaning operations, we rolled up our sleeves and designed a stream of products and an entire system that cleans ships while keeping our seas clean.

TecHullClean line-up today includes re-designed brush and waterjet systems, a three tier filtration and fouling collection system that makes filtration down to 5 microns possible (25 microns is the operating norm today).

And we are not done yet. In our quest for engineering excellence, we are working with university research teams, paint companies, port authorities, shipping companies and diving operators – as we define standards for all of us in the shipping industry.

Innovation is a constant after all.


Instituted in 2008 at the request of the Algeciras Port Authority 

Port Authorities

7 ports globally have granted us operating approvals


Fourth generation machines released in 2019

Our Journey So Far

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Algeciras Port Authority requests an underwater hull cleaning system with recovery and filtration system 5 years ahead of IMO MEPC.1/Circ.811. 2013


First generation cleaning system launched and granted operating approval by the Port of Algeciras


Service Line Agreement signed with Maersk


500th vessel serviced using our technology in the Port of Algeciras, Spain.


Merger with The Schulte Group; plans to expand operational network globally to 29 ports in 4 years